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Hotelier Classic Description
The need for Hotelier Classic

Hotelier originally evolved from a Telephone Management System, the BTMS 2000 which was developed in 1991.

In 1993, just prior to the 1995 Rugby World Cup, many larger residences were converted to Guest Houses and there was a need for a smaller Property Management System which would take care of reservations, deposits, billing etc

The functionality of the BTMS 2000 Telephone Management System was gradually extended, until it had in fact become a full-blown Property Management System, albeit DOS-based.

In 2001, using Clarion RAD, Hotelier was converted to Windows. As more and more systems were installed, the functionality of Hotelier was extended in sympathy with the ever-changing tourism industry.

In 2008, a basic version of Hotelier, Hotelier Lite was introduced for smaller establishments which were essentially owner-run and the need for control systems was not as critical. To differentiate, the original version of Hotelier was changed to Hotelier Classic.


Hotelier Classic offers all the features which are necessary for the running of  Guest Houses and smaller Hotels. All the functionality is as a result of requirements generated by the industry. Effectively, existing clients get to develop the system.

From the time a reservation enquiry is received, Hotelier will control the process, checking availability, capturing the guest and booking details, handling commissions, generating a confirmation / deposit letter, checking the guest in on arrival, posting charges for extras consumed, to checking out and debtors control

In addition, Hotelier has a host of Financial, Management and Marketing reports essential for the efficient running of the organisation.

The current focus of Hotelier is marketing. We are constantly looking for ways in which we can use the Hotelier Guest Database to generate more bookings.